• Building a team that meets your needs

    Building a team that meets your needs

  • Connecting you to influential audiences

    Connecting you to influential audiences

  • Outcomes driven by strategy

    Outcomes driven by strategy

  • Public Affairs and Community Relations

    Public Affairs and Community Relations


Success in public relations or public affairs usually starts with a thorough assessment of the marketplace. We help clients assess where the public is at on issues and ideas, how best to move them to action.

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Horner Strategies, LLC, is a new approach to delivering senior-level public relations and public affairs counsel. The firm is designed to help clients succeed in today’s contentious and cluttered marketplace.

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Strategic planning is the map to accomplishing the desired outcome within the desired budget in the time-frame available for success. Contact Horner Strategies to learn more.

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The objective of public affairs is to predict and influence the public environment to the benefit of the enterprise. Public affairs manages issues in the public domain, not just issues to be decided by government.

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Public relations isn’t just spinning an issue or pitching a good story to the media. It is the comprehensive and strategic work of building relationships with key publics. It is who you are, what you say and do.

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Crises have a predictable cycle. The goal of crisis management is to stop the cycle as soon as possible, as effectively as possible. We work with clients to help them survive crises with their reputations intact.

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