Crisis Management

Crises have a predictable cycle. The goal of crisis management is to stop the cycle as soon as possible, as effectively as possible. We work with clients to help them survive crises with their reputations intact and their relationships with audiences preserved. Our message:

The most effective management is prevention.

- Create effective plans that help identify and fix potential crises before they occur.

Remember: You can’t educate in a crisis. If audiences need to know something about you, they better know it before a crisis hits. If you need relationships with audiences, build them before your reputation is at stake.

Don’t manage the extraordinary as routine.

- Some crises start with a bang, others with a whisper. Be alert to the potential for an event to evolve into a crisis.

Don’t manage the unusual as a crisis.

- The unusual is the norm these days; don’t create a crisis by overreacting.

Don’t manage only reality when events are being defined by perception.

- How your organization is perceived is reputational reality.

Crises have a life-cycle. The goal of effective crisis management is to interrupt the cycle before damage is done to the organization.