How would you describe Minnesota’s health system?

Minnesota HealthBasics is hosting conversations around the state to hear what Minnesotans have to say about our health system. See what others have said and add your voice at

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Schroeder, Horner: Minnesota’s special session — special for whom?

“The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.” This warning comes to mind as the Minnesota Legislature prepares for a special session with $1 billion still unallocated (with another $1 billion-plus in the reserve account), a-less-than-ideal location for legislators to meet and no public clarity on what issues the special session should address or, more importantly, [...]

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On state tax policy, hurry up and wait

Address immediate needs, then sit back and take the long view for comprehensive reform. Here’s all the evidence anyone should need to be convinced of Minnesota’s desperate need for comprehensive tax reform: On one hand, Gov. Mark Dayton is proposing a tax credit for child care expenses. On the other hand, he would impose a [...]

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