Helping clients assess their challenges and opportunities.

Horner Strategies, LLC, is a new approach to delivering senior-level public relations and public affairs counsel. The firm is designed to help clients succeed in today’s contentious and cluttered marketplace. We stay focused on achieving success for our clients while being respectful of their reputations, their cultures and their budgets.

Horner Strategies is the creation of Tom Horner, one of the region’s most respected and experienced communications experts. We are a boutique firm. What does that mean? Three things:

We are focused. We don’t try to be all things to all clients. We are most effective in communications challenges and opportunities that demand long-term, strategic thinking.

We are partners with our clients. We bring a depth of knowledge and understanding about communications, public affairs, the political environment and how to engage and move diverse audiences to action. And, we recognize the expertise of our clients. Working with our clients, we achieve great outcomes.

• We deliver experienced, thoughtful leadership. Good communications is drafting a great news release. Good communications STRATEGY is designing a plan in which a news release – and other tactics – drive the right audiences to act in ways that achieve our clients’ goals.


Horner Strategies helps clients assess their challenges and opportunities, then work with them to design effective plans that include measurable goals. Once the strategic plan is in place, Horner Strategies will work with the client to make sure implementation is effective, efficient and successful:

Some projects make sense for Horner Strategies to manage implementation, working within guaranteed budgets, against measurable outcomes and on defined timelines.

On other programs, Horner Strategies works as part of a client’s internal team. We bring our expertise to the table in ways that complement the strengths of in-house talent.

Some initiatives take more resources. Our long-time work in the field has given us a great inventory of top talent. We create ad hoc teams specific to meeting the challenges of a client, then manage them as a single, cohesive team working on a single plan against measurable outcomes. We create the right set of skills to achieve the outcomes promised.

Every client is managed by Tom Horner. That means we take on only the work where we can make a contribution and only as much as we can manage. We aren’t trying to be the biggest firm in town; our goal is only to be recognized by our clients as the best.